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Still Haven't Filed? Here's What to Do.

The tax filing deadline is finally here. According to the IRS, roughly 20% of Americans wait until the last week to file. If you're one of those people who have been procrastinating, you have less than 24 hours.

You basically have two options: file today or file an extension.

If you wish to file, you can visit an accounting firm, and while they are probably very busy, chances are they are open late. Trying to rush through a Turbo Tax electronic filing may result in mistakes that can lead to missed credits, or worse, penalties and interest.

You can file form 4868 with the IRS and individual tax filers get an extension until October 15th. Whether you use a paper form at the IRS office utilize or one of many tax prep websites; there are many ways to submit the request.

If you need last minute tax filing help, need to file an extension, have questions, you can reach my office at 423-622-3156. As you might've guessed, we'll be working late.

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